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Each Way Betting Explained For Easier Understanding

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Genie Jackpot Slots

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Free Casino Slots Spins With No Deposit Needed To Play

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Free Casino Slots Spins With No Deposit Needed To Play

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The vast majority of online casinos have evolved to promote free casino slot spins with no deposit over the last year. The reason for the new development is the player benefits by being able to win money without risking anything. The casino benefits by offering a perk to first time players that is a draw to get more people involved in the casino.


Most people are a bit skeptical of anything “free” from an online casino. This is a truly safe and no risk development by the casinos. All that you have to do to get involved is to register with the casino. You do not have to deposit any money to get the free slot spins.


Once you are registered you can play. If you win, you get the winnings with no questions asked. There are verifiable winners that never made a deposit at all from all of the casinos that offer this option. If playing the free spins is all that you want to do you simply delete your membership and that is all there is to it.


The casinos are also offering free spin incentives to people that make deposits. The number of free spins and the payout for the slots depends on how much money you deposit. It is possible to make as much as 50 to 100 times your initial deposit using just the free spins that the casinos give you.


The number of free spins that you get initially and the number of free slots spins you get with a deposit is often tied to the popularity of the game or to a new game. Most of the online casinos that have gotten into this area of the business offer additional free spins on holidays, weekends, and during special tournaments.


Again, this is for real. It is absolutely free and if you win you get the money. If you never gambled online and always had a yearning to this new development is your chance to try it out and try your luck with no chance of loss.


Naturally, the casinos want you to deposit money and play regularly but the free slots spins with no deposit is a risk free chance to try casino slots out.


Online casinos have also begun offering bonus free spins for winners and regular players. If you win you get a certain number of free spins that depend on the game you are playing and the top amount of money that can be won. Again, there are no strings attached to the free spins that you get if you win.


The casinos are rewarding loyal players with free spins as well. It all depends on how long you have been playing a particular casino’s games and how much money you have on deposit. Loyalty bonuses can be as high as 200 percent of the number of spins that you played in a day.


Betway, Wild Jackpot Casino, Slots Magic, Starburst, Casino Cruise, and Karamba are just a few of the online casinos that have begun offering free casino slot spins with no deposit required in the last year.

Genie Jackpot Slots

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A genie is known to grant wishes and everyone wants to win a jackpot – any jackpot. Combine both words and you have two of the things people wish the most for, all in one place. Genie wishes could be money (that’s what many will take), others are unselfish enough to ask for work’s peace, the good health of themselves and others. You can’t exactly get any of those from the genie jackpot slots though, but the game does offer you a bonus out of five to be found in the three lamps from the three wishes power spin.

 bluep geniejackpots

The game features a background involving genies appearing regularly probably to renew your lucky feeling. Also featured are scimitars, genies hat, a flying carpet and a treasure chest adorn the reel in keeping with the genie based theme of the game. The title sits above this reel in sparkly writing that steals your attention. There is also the small matter of colourful playing card symbols from 10 to ace that grace the already colourful view.


Although the game has a sort of cartoon or Disney animation feel mostly, this does not spread into the game play. It is limited to the features and their showcase.


This game uses 20 win lines on 5 reels (5 reels being a general standard). While other slots will have you select the coin value you want to bet with, in this case you select the actual monetary value of your stake and then you hit the spin button at the top of the genie's golden lamp.


Achieving 3 or more consecutive symbols from left to right on any of the 20 win lines constitutes a win. Easy isn’t it? It gets even easier if you land just two of either the wild symbol or title symbol.


The highest pay comes from the wild symbol – shelling out a whooping 500 coins for an instance where 5 in a row occurs. It will also help to complete other symbols apart from the bounds symbols. Other values include the title symbol at 400, the genies hat offering 300 coins, the lamp with 250 and the scimitars, 200 coins – the playing card symbols being the lowest of all.


This is a feature based slots game and it involves 3 features – one is randomly assigned whole the other two come about by the use of bonus symbols.


The three wishes power spin is the randomly awarded feature and it can appear at any point in the game (very random).


There are 5 possible wins from this feature all with different functions. They include


1.            The genie win


2.            Monkey wild


3.            Genie wild


4.            Guaranteed 5 of a kind


5.            Direct entry into a bonus round.


The bonus rounds offer their own variety of bonuses, but the aim of the random feature is to reduce the difficulty of winning for the player.


The magic carpet bonus when awarded, can help you to collect a lot of bonus coins and if you happen to hit the big money symbol, you can win up to 1000 times your initial stake.

How To Bet On Sports Online

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The activity of predicting sports results as well as placing a wager on the outcome is known as Sports betting. As one of the world’s favorite pastimes, an estimate of over $250 billion dollars is said to be wagered on sports annually from which the Super Bowl alone receives $100 million bet.

 Punting on the law in play betting

Sports betting has risen to be so popular because it has proven to be quite lucrative especially for those who have taken out time to learn about picking winners, odds, line shopping and how to profitably make use of online bonuses. It has also made the task of watching sports a very interesting thing to do.


In this article, several ways and methods of betting on sports online will be analyzed.


Ensure To Learn About the Site


It is important that you learn about the company by reading everything about it which includes the available promotions, their customer service options, its payment options and the betting opportunities offered.


Be sure to check out the various bonuses it has got to offer, as well as the terms and conditions of the site so as to avoid surprises in the long run. Sometimes referred to as a rollover requirement, most bonuses offer a wagering requirement. In order to be able to cash out your bonus, it is smart to know how much you will need to wager.


In addition, check and recheck the withdrawal limits, minimum and maximum deposit so as to ensure that they fit your bankroll.


Use the Resource Section on the Betting Site


Several betting sites offer step by step betting guide to beginners and novices who want to learn how to place bets. If you are new to betting, these useful guides will help you to begin the process quickly.


Start Small


Be sure to set your priorities aright. As a novice who is still learning how to place bet, wisely allocate funds because it would be very impulsive to risk your whole bankroll.


You can begin with small stake bets and then you can increase the amount gradually as soon as you are sure to have understood the way the bet works. Learning how to manage your bankroll very wisely is a very important thing to do since your interest is not momentary and you would want to go a long way.


Keep in mind that it is your hard earned money that is at stake before you start searching for online sportsbooks and other relevant betting products that are meant to make betting easy for beginners.


Do not Gamble your Rent Money Away


After you have met your other regular expenses, you will be left with some funds that you can bet with. Do not bet with the amount you cannot afford to lose. You may not be able to make up for the difference should you lose more than what you had earlier bargained for.

In - Play Betting Explained

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In play betting involves betting on the outcomes of a game while it is already in progress. Most people are used to pre – game bets where they can wager on the possible outcomes of games before it begins.


In – play betting on the other hand waits for the games to begin before wagers are made. Many people prefer it for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is that it allows you to consider variables like the impact of an injured star player (in football, for example). Some teams may not be expected to feel the impact of the loss of a star player, but sometimes the reverse happens – by watching the early parts of the game, one can possibly see the direction the game is about to take and streamline his/her bets accordingly (sports betting is extremely unpredictable and could still throw up more than a few surprises).


Another factor that makes in – play betting attractive is the matter of improved odds with events in the game. For example, Real Madrid vs Rayo Vallecano; the odds of Real Madrid winning the game went as high as 2.05 when Rayo went 1 – 2 up, placing a bet on a Real Madrid win at that point would have doubled your money, and the game ended in a big win for Madrid. This feature allows you to leverage on the comeback abilities of your favorite team (or any other team) should they find themselves down at any point in the game.


In – play betting also makes it possible to make safer bets than normal betting as you can bet along the trend of the game especially when heavy weights are playing or in a match between two dark horses. If two football teams have the same odds of winning a game, it gets pretty difficult to choose a side to put your money on; but when one side takes the lead, or the other gets issued a red card, in – play betting allows you to leverage on those events and still place bets on the outright winner of the game.


There are also other markets to wager on, which are not available in pre – game betting; like which team or player will get the next goal, next corner kick or yellow/red card and so on.


The best reason (on a personal note) to engage in in –play betting is how quick you know your outcome. The suspense of betting is huge and betting in – play can help you to limit how long you have to wait to confirm the status of your bet. Betting on the next player to score just means you have to wait until the next goal to know your fate (unless you bet on no more goals).


In – play betting or any other form of betting still entails a great deal of risk, so bet responsibly.

Each Way Betting Explained For Easier Understanding

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Everyone loves to win extra money when they bet on a particular sport or team of that particular sport, it is one of the best ways to make a little bit of money and go home happy. However, there is a certain type of betting that takes a little bit more accountability than which team is going to emerge victorious and which one won’t; that type of betting is called Each Way Betting. It can be said that it is one of the most common betting practices in the country, the rules involving each way betting is pretty strict with little room for complexity.

 placing a bet in the game

There are two parts of Each Way betting that has brings in quite a bit of money and used by people worldwide, win bet & place bet. Win bet is when a person just picks whichever team or player will finish first, an example of this is when a person estimates that the basketball team will come in first place then they would win $200 or saying that the number 31 horse is going to win because it’s the fastest on the track for an $800 payout. Place betting is when a person bets with the expectation that their team or player not just wins, but also places within the top 5; this type of betting can be viewed as safe betting. The reason is because even if that particular thing that the person is betting on loses, they’ll still win if that thing they betted on places within the top 5. Also, even though the payout for place betting is a little lower than win betting, the odds in their favor isn’t that high which makes for easy wins.


Oddly enough, if a person bets on a horse with only 20 dollars, uses place betting, the person is looking at a monetary gain of $100 to $200. However, if a person uses place betting and only bets on the place the horse or team will place in then they’ll lose part of their investment. For example, if a person bets that their football team places first in the league and win the game; the person is looking at a huge payoff. If the team loses but places in the top 5, the bettor still wins based on the odds of the team but a small percentage of their money is lost.


It is a known fact that gamblers who uses place betting are many times more likely to walk away with huge winnings versus those who just pick a random winner with win betting and hope that it wins so they get paid.


It is not uncommon for a person to walk away with almost $2000 or better from betting, if a person betted and the payout $3000; that person would get $500 for every six dollars that everyone else betted. As a result, the person would be $3000 richer.


In conclusion, each way betting is a simpler and easy way of walking away with a little bit of money or a lot based on the person’s experience as a gambler.





Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus When it Comes to Gambling!

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Both men and women enjoy gambling almost equally, as the figures released by online casinos indicate. Internet gambling was a predominantly male preserve not too long ago, but the ladies seem to be doing their best to catch up. However, there is a significant difference in their preferences when it comes to gambling, so much so that the games that appeal to men might not even interest women too much. Therefore, this is something that gaming operators have to take into account when they put together their websites because it has bearing on how the casinos perform. After all, they can’t be expected to attract and retain customers unless they offer the right product.


What Do Men And Women Like When It Comes To Gambling?


Men vs Women Gambling


Women have a marked preference for fantasy slot games, particularly those ones that have a romantic aspect to them. Women also have a soft corner for social media and they tend to use casinos in a similar manner. While they do enjoy gambling, they also love the opportunity to chat with other gamblers while they are gambling. Online casinos that feature chat rooms find it very easy to attract women customers. Bingo is particularly popular with women because of the amount of chatting that goes on. Not at all surprisingly, women also enjoy gambling games that have female protagonists and which feature shopping, fashion and the like. Its very clear that women enjoy escaping into a romantic world when gambling, perhaps as a way of dealing with busy and stress-filled lives.


Men, on the other hand, tend to gravitate towards games that are action packed and thrilling. Action slot games therefore tend to attract a predominantly male customer base. Men also love playing blackjack and poker because these games appeal to their competitive natures.


Casinos Use Games To Attract The Right Market Segments


Since the market for online casinos is segmented very clearly upon gender lines, it is very important for gambling websites to feature games that each segment will enjoy playing. Therefore, while there certainly has to a good selection of action packed adventure games, there should also be lots of game with romantic story lines, with the visuals in pinks and purples, for the ladies to play. This is no small task for casinos since it means that they have to invest in a large number of games and also spend money on maintaining them. Customers have very low tolerance levels for software glitches and they will promptly shift to another casino if the one they are currently playing on has any issues. The best casinos feature hundreds of games for men and for women, and maintaining them all works out to be extremely costly.


Online casinos also have to market their sites very aggressively because this industry is a highly competitive one. Casinos devise effective marketing strategies if they know that women make up almost half of their audience base. They certainly seem to be doing the right things given that the industry is expanding at a very rapid pace!

RTG Releases Brand New Vampire Themed Slot Game, Eternal Love

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Fans of the vampire theme have another thing to look forward to now that Realtime Gaming (RTG) has released a fabulous new slot game known as Eternal Love. As the name indicates, this is no ordinary love story but one that is packed with passion and intrigue! It’s hardly a romantic game in the traditional sense given that it is themed on vampires; in fact the graphics can be quite eerie and satisfyingly scary. What’s more, there is also a great deal of money to be won playing this game.

The Eternal Love slot game was released on the 4th of February, well in time for romantic frenzy surrounding Valentine’s Day. It is very easy to locate this game since most RTG-powered casinos feature it. These casinos include Jackpot Capital Casino, Raging Bull Casino, and Silver Sands Casino. This game was received with great enthusiasm in the market since RTG always makes fabulous games. As a matter of fact, the company has set a blistering pace for its competitors to follow, this being the second launch this year after the immensely popular God of Wealth slots.


eternal love slot game

The game has been designed to be played on PC and mobile phone. It is available as a free to play version and can also be downloaded to one’s device. The software is reliable and can be downloaded without any trouble.

What Is The Eternal Love Slot Game Like?

This is a non-progressive slot game that has 5 reels and is a 243-ways-to-win game. There are plenty of special features in the game to keep players enthralled for a long time. To start with, the game has a wild that can’t just complete winning combinations but it can also multiply wins by 1, 2, or 3. The Eternal Love symbol is this game’s wild and it is found on the 2nd and 4th reel. It can replace every symbol on the reel with the exception of the scatter symbol. The game also has a scatter symbol; when at least three of these symbols feature on the reels then players immediately get 10 free spins.
The Eternal Love game also has a thrilling bonus round known as Life Meter which can be played after 10 free games are completed. The bonus game offers a win value that can increase the overall win tremendously.

Realtime Gaming Well-Known Company In The Gambling Industry

RTG has been in the gambling industry since 1998 and it has managed to build an excellent reputation in the business. The company has an excellent portfolio of games on offer and each of them is characterized by high quality animation with excellent sound effects to match. The company customizes its games to suit the needs of specific clients, which means that these games are absolutely unique even though the company makes a large number of them for the many websites that are its clients. RTG has plenty of excitement lined up this year with another thrilling game launch scheduled for the following month.

Jason’s Quest - The Latest Adventure Game by Genesis Gaming

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It is good news for all the diehard fans of casino games. Genesis Gaming is going to come up with its latest video slot named Jason’s Quest. According to the media reports, the video slot is going to be released in the coming April of this New Year. Once it is released, players will be able to play it on the casinos that are powered by Genesis such as Unibet casino, BETAT casino and Video Slots casino just to mention a few.

Geoffrey Hansen, the Managing Director of Genesis Gaming has remarked that Jason’s Quest displays the commitment of the company to enhance the gaming experience of the players. The director is sure that the millennial is going to like this game a lot.


Jasons Quest Slot



Features of Jason’s Quest Slot

If you have been looking out for adventurous video slot then trying Jason’s Quest will be the best option for you. This video slot is full of suspense, mystery and adventure. It is a game based on Greek theme and has 5-reels with 25 lines. Players can enjoy the multiple levels of the game and experience Jason, the legendary mythological figure with his huge crew of Argonauts. Whether you wish to play it on your computer system or on your mobile, you will be able to enjoy it at all the devices. It has been tailored keeping in mind the convenience and comfort of the players.

With the help of Graduated Features, an exclusive feature of Genesis Gaming, the multiple level of the video slot have been designed. Due to this feature, the players will be able to gather tokens and then unlock some other unique features of the game. As you will go higher up the game, it will become even more interesting and adventurous. In addition to this, collecting token can improve your chances of winning and can change the game in your favor.

Levels of the Slot

Jason’s Quest has various different levels. To start with, the first level takes a player to a battle with a Greek Mythology character, Cyclops. Here, at this level, you can expect to win 10 free spins and x2 multiplier. This multiplier will further turn into x3 multiplier after you have unlocked the other features of the game.

While talking about the second level of the slot, you will be placed against Hydra with Jason. Hydra is a very powerful, terrifying and snake like creature that has multiple heads. As you are going to cut off each head, you will be awarded with prizes and multipliers. In the third level, the last obstacle will be the Skeleton army. At this stage, the players will have the opportunity to maximize their winning and acquire more free spins.


Genesis Gaming offers more than 150 slot games and Jason’s Quest is also going to be rocking like all others. These games work across the entire digital platforms and are preferred a lot among players. Thus, you must try this slot as soon as it is launched in April.

Winning Millions with Microgaming’s Progressive Jackpots

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When you aim to walk away from the casino with the highest jackpot in your hand, playing the progressive slot machine is the best option. When you have that potential to earn millions, you can simply try your hands at progressive slots. The most popular gaming developers such as Microgaming have offered this facility in all its powered casinos that have a variety of slots in this category. These slots have made many people millionaires and have changed the life of many.

The Famous Titles

To start with the big titles, Major Millions is considered the Microgaming’s finest progressive jackpot. Here, you can either try this jackpot at slot machines with three or five reels. Some players may find it a little older version but the unique and the overall army theme makes it super interesting. The most fascinating part is that the wild symbols triple the total wins, which helps in creating a jackpot. At Major Millions, you can win this jackpot at the 15th payline. While talking about Mega Moolah, it is the most popular progressive slot machines among the players across the world.




For those who love the land of Africa will like this one a lot. It is based on the African theme, which is the major attraction. In addition to this, this progressive jackpot has offered multiple life-changing prizes worth millions until date. If you want to hit that Mega Jackpot then a player will have to get the appropriate slot on the wheel.

Next is the action-packed slot machine, the Dark Knight. This one has set its name as the most sought after title from Microgaming. Furthermore, players must also know that it shares the same progressive jackpot as Mega Moolah that makes it much better. Since it has been established after a movie with the same name, it has some more or less similar clips and characters from the film. To mention others in this category, King Cashalot, Treasure Nile and Tunzamunni are the major progressive jackpots tailored by Microgaming.

About Slot Machines and Sites

If you think that you will win a jackpot just once on the slot machine then think twice. You can attempt to win at these machines on regular basis. Further, the slot casinos celebrate its winner with great joy through an exclusive scrolling banner on the website. With this, you must also be very careful while selecting any particular online. Make sure the casino is powered by Microgaming and offers a large variety of games.

It should abide by the rules and regulations of the state in which it is operating and should have good reputation in the industry. You can also go through the testimonials of various sites and land up with the one that has the best of all. It is always better to keep a check on the various withdrawal and payment options offered the casino site.
Therefore, it is the time to enjoy the fines Microgaming slots and win the progressive jackpots.

World Match to Introduce HTML5 Games in 2016

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The International Casino Conference (ICE) provides a great opportunity to all the participants. However, with the World Match, it has reached to a greater height in the current year, 2016. With the trend of iGaming rising up, the excellent games provider has come up with its most successful games in HTML5. According to the reports of the media, it has introduced around six new games and Apple TV slots.

About World Match Offerings




Until date, World Match has introduced almost around eleven new slots in HTML5 with some special features like better sound quality, in-play animations and others. The players are sure to have the never felt experience with these games. However, this is just the initial stage, as the company is set to expand its HTML5 game portfolio in the coming months of this year. As per the rough estimate, it is going to launch more than 20 slot titles by the end of the year 2016.

Andrea Boratto, the World Match Executive Director remarks that the company strategy is to utilize the idea of mobile gaming as much as it can. It is simply because the players prefer playing games on their smartphones and finds it more convenient. The strategy of mobile gaming is the finest way to drive market strategy. In addition to this, the company has decided to render games both in native Android technologies and iOS. It will offer all the games with HTML5 offerings, which is surely going to add a further value to the company’s existing range of games.

Television Slots

If you have always wished to play your favorite slots on the TV then here is the great deal for you. World Match is now coming up with the facility to play slots on TV. At present, the company upholds the production capacity of two games per month. However, players can get an access to the company’s another channel where it provides ever-expanding portfolio. Without a doubt, it will bring in a new revolution in the gaming world.

World Match’s Portfolio

As said earlier, the company officially set to launch 25 games in 2016. It can be considered wise at the part of the company to utilize the casino conference. It has used the platform to display the first six versions of is slot games. These slots precisely includes China Long HD, Fruits 4 Jackpot HD, Egyptian Wild HD, Angeli e Demoni25 HD and Night Vampire HD. The latter two are the most interesting ones with Baldazzi Style Art conversions.

The recent release by the company has made it a pioneer in online versions of traditional slots. The tech-savvy players will be able to play the most popular land-based slots online. No doubt, the online version will be much more interesting with those sound effects, animations and other graphics. No doubt, ICE 2016 has provided a great breakthrough to the company. In fact, the company is itself proud to be a part of the conference and introduce its latest innovations.

Emerging Alliance Between PKR and Microgaming

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While talking about the most popular producers of online gambling software, Microgaming is the much talked about one. Microgaming is a privately held software company based on the Isle of Man. The company claims that it released its very first online casino in the year 1994. According to the reports, the company is known to have introduced over 800 exclusive casino slots keeping in mind the interests and requirements of the players.

In addition to this, it also includes 1200 variations and unique features of all the slot games. Further, the Microgaming is set to publish a blend of both proprietary and licensed content to develop its portfolio. The company has always kept a leading edge by releasing newest of the new products with every passing month.

The Recent News of PKR


PKR and Microgaming


PKR is an Alderney based website that supports the players to experience the game of poker in virtual reality setting. The recent news has highlighted the site’s intention to choose Microgaming as the major supplier of its poker offerings. Until date, PKR has satisfied the gaming interests of the users by offering some amazing 3D graphics during poker and other player character animations. The most fascinating part about the poker game offered by PKR is that it offers a facility to custom made character. Players can also incorporate their favorite expressions, body language and chip tricks. In addition to this, it also offers poker indications in order to make the game much more realistic in a virtual way.

Alliance of PKR and Microgaming

According to the news, PKR is going to join Microgaming poker network at the soonest. The company is all set to use the games of Microgaming in order to re-launch PKR’s casino brand. It is also planning to introduce a new Las Vegas slots brand. By using the Microgaming’s most advanced Babelfish API technology that has been launched recently, the coming is planning to become the lead the way of associating the MPN while considering and maintaining the original software.

In the Words of Chris Welch

Chris Welch, the chief executive officer of PKR, has recently remarked in an interview that PKR and Microgaming is the perfect match. The software of PKR and the audience of Microgaming will reach to the greater heights in the coming future. In addition to this, PKR has already gained great success and huge customer base with its latest PKR Vegas, HTML5 games, instant-play, flash games, amazing sound effects, 3D graphics and various other features.

All these features have taken this operator in a new and positive direction. Further, the CEO of Microgaming has mentioned that they first considered Babelfish as the newest technology. However, the same technology is helping them to reap its endless benefits. With this, users will soon witness the migration of the PKR platform in the coming days. It is true that the entire gaming world is waiting eagerly to see the influence of PKR and Microgaming alliance on the casino gaming.

Online Gambling Revenues Will Shoot Up in the Next Four Years

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New report by Technavio's says there a lot in store. It predicts that the casino gaming market in the United States can reach revenues of $93 billion by the time we touch the year 2020. Technavio is a global technology research and advisory company.

Faizan Akthar, who is Technavio’s lead market research analyst for the media and entertainment sector, has been stressing upon the many reasons for the United States’ potential growth. This makes the situation very exciting for most of the players in the business.

International casinos are pulling all kinds of strings in order to expand their businesses to the United States, for that is where the best action can be found. These casinos are also keen on collaborating with hotels and restaurants so as to reach out to more consumers. They also seem to promise more fun.


rising revenues


Not every other country is about as cool as the United States when it comes to advertising casinos. When you pair this with the ever-growing tourism industry, it means that we will be seeing great contributions made by tourists towards gambling revenues in the future.


It would be foolish to deny the kind of impact online gambling is making in the market in the United States. The role of online gambling in the gambling market cannot be overlooked and neither can it be minimized. Although until now only three states have agreed to regulations on online gaming for their residents, it is important to note that all of them have been quite successful. Players will be glad to note Technavio’s reports speak of the great growth of almost 212% between the year 2013 and 2015 in their online gambling sectors.

Over the course of next four years, many experts are looking up in hope, expecting to see exponential growth in online gambling. From the states’ side, you can see that there are many are looking at different ways to fill their budget deficits. For this purpose, online gambling seems like a good solution. The number of consumers of online gambling have always been a higher number than the ones in traditional gambling because of the general ease provided by the former. One other reason the guys keep coming back to online gambling is the security that comes with it. More and more consumers are thus seen returning to the game as a hobby.

You cannot deny its contribution to the US Economy. Be it traditional gambling or online gambling, both provide a big number of employment opportunities to the public and in the year 2015, the US casino market generated half a million jobs. This brings in revenue, as do the taxes that casinos pay, which is 25%, and that the players pay, which is 10%.
Technavio has always topped the board, being the leading global technology research and advisory company that develops over 200 pieces of research every single year. The analysts at Technavio are known for customized consulting and business research. Their work spans over 80 countries.

Amaya Gaming Group Plans to Get Bigger

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Amaya Gaming Group, which is well known name in the world of online gambling, is on a roll and is taking full advantage of its position as one of the most successful firms in the world. Amaya Gaming Group is the proud owner of the largest online poker room in the world, which go by the names of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. Both of these poker rooms were acquired by Amaya Gaming in the year 2014, a purchase which costed them about $4.9 billion in cash, approximately.

David Baazov who is the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Amaya Gaming Group. He is the guy who holds the reigns of the company now but his journey was not an easy one. He tells us that he went from being a very very poor businessman facing problems on the regular, to a successful young man in the world of online gaming. It is not difficult to believe that PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker now have a combined registered user base of 93 million people, all of whom find ways to return to the game on every day. Amaya Gaming Group has been founded by Baazov in the year 2005 and it worked its way up to become the largest publicly-traded online gaming company in the world. The net worth of the company is a mind-boggling $10 billion dollars, which makes up for about a quarter of the online poker gambling industry as a whole. That’s a figure to get anyone dizzy. It is also interesting to know that Baazov`s personal net worth is estimated at around $800 million.


amaya gaming group


The news was also out of late that Mr. Baazov was looking to take over completely, the Amaya Gaming with the help of other investors. He wants to turn a few things around, such as taking the online business private in an all-cash $2.8-billion deal. He is also in discussions with his group of investors, who help him with his plans on making a takeover offer for the total shares of the company at $21 per share. The total valuation of this is about $2.8-billion. Out of this, the CEO and founder owns approximately 18.6% of the total issued and outstanding common shares in the company. However, the possibility of anything actually coming out of this is unclear and the same was also explained by him in a statement that, “There is no certainty that the proposed transaction will proceed or be consummated.”


There has been speculation around the same, which has also been confirmed by the company with a statement concerning the bid that says that the executive vice-president, corporate development and general counsel, along with three other employees, may be participating in Mr Baazov's potential transaction proposal. Amaya Gaming Group has also confirmed that a special committee has been set up by the board of directors in order to address any potential takeover bid. Meanwhile Barclays Capital Canada has been appointed as financial advisor for the same.

The Best Poker Sites

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Poker is an extremely popular game to play online and there are a variety of sites out there that offer superb gaming experience for poker players. Here is a list of the best poker sites and their advantages.




The Best Poker Sites


888poker is one of the best poker sites around. 888 is the world's largest casino, therefore it is no surprise that 888poker excels in this department. Players are offered big sign up bonuses which is ideal, as it allows them to get a feel for each site and learn the ropes without having to make a huge financial expenditure. What's more, 888poker typically has high limits, so both casual poker players and more serious players can get maximum enjoyment from the site. There are loads of brilliant features on the site and the layout is very friendly: it's easy to navigate and looks stylish being one of the most popular sites out there. 


Security is also paramount with 888poker. You can be sure that your passwords and personal details are safe with their system. If you are playing with big amounts of money then this is great for your peace of mind. 888poker is always very active, meaning that you will never have any trouble trying to find a game. In addition, depositing and withdrawing money with 888poker is effortless, making your poker experience as pleasurable as possible.


Full Tilt


Full Tilt is another very popular poker site. With more than a decade of experience, Full Tilt is one of the most trusted poker sites on the internet. This is important, as when it comes to staking large amounts of money, you want to have a site that you can rely on. Full Tilt went through big changes a few years ago and it is now a much more professional site. Like with 888poker, the site looks great and is not difficult to navigate. 


Big bonuses are also the order of the day with Full Tilt. They offer a 100% bonus to match your deposit when you sign up. It's brilliant that you can deposit up to $600 and get this amount equalled by Full Tilt. Who doesn't want a free $600 to play poker with? The highly active site also ensures that there will always be plenty of games to join, and any queries you may have can be quickly answered by the site's support system.




Anybody who takes poker seriously should take a good look at PokerStars - its professional and welcoming approach is proof that it's one of the best poker sites out there. It's the biggest poker site in the world, so its reputation is guaranteed. The site operates extremely smoothly and the great high-tech software ensures maximum reliability, which is important - you don't want to have a big win only for it to be cancelled out due to a poor network connection. 


There is a large range of poker games with different stake limits so you can find the right game to suit you. When you join, you can get a huge deposit bonus, which gives you the chance to get to know the site and make sure that it is right for you.


Sky Poker


Sky Poker is another brilliant poker alternative for keen players. This site is really cool as it gives their best poker players a chance to gain some fame - the best hands that are played on the site are shown on their Sky Poker TV channel. But while the glitz is nice, you can be sure that Sky Poker itself is great. There are plenty of games to play such as Texas Hold'em and Omaha, and these games have an array of stake limits. 


When you sign up, as with the other sites Sky Poker will give you a nice bonus: you will be given a 200% bonus on whatever you deposit. This is perhaps the best sign up offer of any poker site on the internet. 


As you can see, there are plenty of brilliant places to play poker online. The best poker sites have a variety of games with different limits, so that like-minded players are able to compete against each other. In addition, the sites that have a live stream to a real dealer are good as they offer the player a more personal gaming experience. These sites will likely have a chat room too so that players can communicate.

Learn About the Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers Slot

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The Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers is a fantastical slot game designed by WMS. Featuring 5 reels, 30 pay lines, and 4 special bonuses, the game will enchant you to want to select those ruby slippers often. The Ruby Slippers slot machine is among three familiar themed casino games, with the other two being the original Wizard of Oz slot and Wizard of Oz Wicked Riches slot.


Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers

Ruby slippers slot game features friendly icons, the reels cropped in gold and set upon a background with green radiance from the enchanted symbols that spin on Ruby Slippers. Symbols included are Emerald City, Lollipops, Glenda the Good Witch, Toto, and Apples. These are just some of the typical symbols that spin on Ruby Slippers. Other common story icons or symbols include Dorothy’s wicker basket, her hourglass, and the Wicked Witch. One of the higher paying symbols includes the Scarecrow, partly hidden Lion smiling together under a rainbow, and Tin Man. The accompanying sound effects carry on the happy, magical theme.


The Ruby Slippers Slot


The ruby slippers game logo symbol serves as a standard wild and typically features the glowing red footwear centered on the big letter “O”. The wizard symbol appears as the throw, which restarts spins and adds a set stretching from 5x to 10x. The basic game is easy to play. But playing the set ruby slippers bonus winning opportunities is a bit complicated as it requires various combinations of symbols to trigger. For first timers, these combinations may look a bit complicated to figure out. But on your second or third play, you will become more comfortable with all of the extra elements The Wizard of Oz Ruby slippers slot game offers and you can also brush up on the features using the infographic here for those of you that are more visually orientated.


The Ruby Slippers slots occur randomly and can be triggered on any spin. You know the play has begun when you spot the heels of the ruby slippers clack together on the control panel. Up to 4 reels can be transformed wholly into glowing red set wilds. You can see Glenda the Good Witch’s rainbow pink bubbles come up the screen, turning one reel into set wilds. The more boonies you collect, the higher the winnings. Crystal balls are used to predict the future, so in the event it appears, you can be hopeful you are likely to win 500X your total bet after betting on them.


The Broom Mini Game Feature


The Broom Mini Game feature is unlocked when you score 2 bonus symbols on reels 1 through 4, in addition to the Witch on reel 5, transforming the screen into a layout of 25 boxes. Try to click on the boxes to find the witch’s well-known mode of transportation. Even though the game may end before that ever happens, the highest prize of 50x your total prize is entirely possible.


It won’t be hard spotting the Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers machine from across the floor of a casino. The most recognisable feature is the circular top box, which mirrors the shape of the crystal ball from the film.


The game can be played online for free or for real money.