Each Way Betting Explained For Easier Understanding

Everyone loves to win extra money when they bet on a particular sport or team of that particular sport, it is one of the best ways to make a little... Read more about 'Each Way Betting Explained For Easier Understanding'...

In - Play Betting Explained

In play betting involves betting on the outcomes of a game while it is already in progress. Read more about 'In - Play Betting Explained'...

How To Bet On Sports Online

The activity of predicting sports results as well as placing a wager on the outcome is known as Sports betting. Read more about 'How To Bet On Sports Online'...

Genie Jackpot Slots

A genie is known to grant wishes and everyone wants to win a jackpot – any jackpot. Read more about 'Genie Jackpot Slots'...

Free Casino Slots Spins With No Deposit Needed To Play

The vast majority of online casinos have evolved to promote free casino slot spins with no deposit over the last year. Read more about 'Free Casino Slots Spins With No Deposit Needed To Play'...

Free Casino Slots Spins With No Deposit Needed To Play

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The vast majority of online casinos have evolved to promote free casino slot spins with no deposit over the last year. The reason for the new development is the player benefits by being able to win money without risking anything. The casino benefits by offering a perk to first time players that is a draw to get more people involved in the casino.


Most people are a bit skeptical of anything “free” from an online casino. This is a truly safe and no risk development by the casinos. All that you have to do to get involved is to register with the casino. You do not have to deposit any money to get the free slot spins.


Once you are registered you can play. If you win, you get the winnings with no questions asked. There are verifiable winners that never made a deposit at all from all of the casinos that offer this option. If playing the free spins is all that you want to do you simply delete your membership and that is all there is to it.


The casinos are also offering free spin incentives to people that make deposits. The number of free spins and the payout for the slots depends on how much money you deposit. It is possible to make as much as 50 to 100 times your initial deposit using just the free spins that the casinos give you.


The number of free spins that you get initially and the number of free slots spins you get with a deposit is often tied to the popularity of the game or to a new game. Most of the online casinos that have gotten into this area of the business offer additional free spins on holidays, weekends, and during special tournaments.


Again, this is for real. It is absolutely free and if you win you get the money. If you never gambled online and always had a yearning to this new development is your chance to try it out and try your luck with no chance of loss.


Naturally, the casinos want you to deposit money and play regularly but the free slots spins with no deposit is a risk free chance to try casino slots out.


Online casinos have also begun offering bonus free spins for winners and regular players. If you win you get a certain number of free spins that depend on the game you are playing and the top amount of money that can be won. Again, there are no strings attached to the free spins that you get if you win.


The casinos are rewarding loyal players with free spins as well. It all depends on how long you have been playing a particular casino’s games and how much money you have on deposit. Loyalty bonuses can be as high as 200 percent of the number of spins that you played in a day.


Betway, Wild Jackpot Casino, Slots Magic, Starburst, Casino Cruise, and Karamba are just a few of the online casinos that have begun offering free casino slot spins with no deposit required in the last year.

Genie Jackpot Slots

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A genie is known to grant wishes and everyone wants to win a jackpot – any jackpot. Combine both words and you have two of the things people wish the most for, all in one place. Genie wishes could be money (that’s what many will take), others are unselfish enough to ask for work’s peace, the good health of themselves and others. You can’t exactly get any of those from the genie jackpot slots though, but the game does offer you a bonus out of five to be found in the three lamps from the three wishes power spin.

 bluep geniejackpots

The game features a background involving genies appearing regularly probably to renew your lucky feeling. Also featured are scimitars, genies hat, a flying carpet and a treasure chest adorn the reel in keeping with the genie based theme of the game. The title sits above this reel in sparkly writing that steals your attention. There is also the small matter of colourful playing card symbols from 10 to ace that grace the already colourful view.


Although the game has a sort of cartoon or Disney animation feel mostly, this does not spread into the game play. It is limited to the features and their showcase.


This game uses 20 win lines on 5 reels (5 reels being a general standard). While other slots will have you select the coin value you want to bet with, in this case you select the actual monetary value of your stake and then you hit the spin button at the top of the genie's golden lamp.


Achieving 3 or more consecutive symbols from left to right on any of the 20 win lines constitutes a win. Easy isn’t it? It gets even easier if you land just two of either the wild symbol or title symbol.


The highest pay comes from the wild symbol – shelling out a whooping 500 coins for an instance where 5 in a row occurs. It will also help to complete other symbols apart from the bounds symbols. Other values include the title symbol at 400, the genies hat offering 300 coins, the lamp with 250 and the scimitars, 200 coins – the playing card symbols being the lowest of all.


This is a feature based slots game and it involves 3 features – one is randomly assigned whole the other two come about by the use of bonus symbols.


The three wishes power spin is the randomly awarded feature and it can appear at any point in the game (very random).


There are 5 possible wins from this feature all with different functions. They include


1.            The genie win


2.            Monkey wild


3.            Genie wild


4.            Guaranteed 5 of a kind


5.            Direct entry into a bonus round.


The bonus rounds offer their own variety of bonuses, but the aim of the random feature is to reduce the difficulty of winning for the player.


The magic carpet bonus when awarded, can help you to collect a lot of bonus coins and if you happen to hit the big money symbol, you can win up to 1000 times your initial stake.

How To Bet On Sports Online

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The activity of predicting sports results as well as placing a wager on the outcome is known as Sports betting. As one of the world’s favorite pastimes, an estimate of over $250 billion dollars is said to be wagered on sports annually from which the Super Bowl alone receives $100 million bet.

 Punting on the law in play betting

Sports betting has risen to be so popular because it has proven to be quite lucrative especially for those who have taken out time to learn about picking winners, odds, line shopping and how to profitably make use of online bonuses. It has also made the task of watching sports a very interesting thing to do.


In this article, several ways and methods of betting on sports online will be analyzed.


Ensure To Learn About the Site


It is important that you learn about the company by reading everything about it which includes the available promotions, their customer service options, its payment options and the betting opportunities offered.


Be sure to check out the various bonuses it has got to offer, as well as the terms and conditions of the site so as to avoid surprises in the long run. Sometimes referred to as a rollover requirement, most bonuses offer a wagering requirement. In order to be able to cash out your bonus, it is smart to know how much you will need to wager.


In addition, check and recheck the withdrawal limits, minimum and maximum deposit so as to ensure that they fit your bankroll.


Use the Resource Section on the Betting Site


Several betting sites offer step by step betting guide to beginners and novices who want to learn how to place bets. If you are new to betting, these useful guides will help you to begin the process quickly.


Start Small


Be sure to set your priorities aright. As a novice who is still learning how to place bet, wisely allocate funds because it would be very impulsive to risk your whole bankroll.


You can begin with small stake bets and then you can increase the amount gradually as soon as you are sure to have understood the way the bet works. Learning how to manage your bankroll very wisely is a very important thing to do since your interest is not momentary and you would want to go a long way.


Keep in mind that it is your hard earned money that is at stake before you start searching for online sportsbooks and other relevant betting products that are meant to make betting easy for beginners.


Do not Gamble your Rent Money Away


After you have met your other regular expenses, you will be left with some funds that you can bet with. Do not bet with the amount you cannot afford to lose. You may not be able to make up for the difference should you lose more than what you had earlier bargained for.

In - Play Betting Explained

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In play betting involves betting on the outcomes of a game while it is already in progress. Most people are used to pre – game bets where they can wager on the possible outcomes of games before it begins.


In – play betting on the other hand waits for the games to begin before wagers are made. Many people prefer it for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is that it allows you to consider variables like the impact of an injured star player (in football, for example). Some teams may not be expected to feel the impact of the loss of a star player, but sometimes the reverse happens – by watching the early parts of the game, one can possibly see the direction the game is about to take and streamline his/her bets accordingly (sports betting is extremely unpredictable and could still throw up more than a few surprises).


Another factor that makes in – play betting attractive is the matter of improved odds with events in the game. For example, Real Madrid vs Rayo Vallecano; the odds of Real Madrid winning the game went as high as 2.05 when Rayo went 1 – 2 up, placing a bet on a Real Madrid win at that point would have doubled your money, and the game ended in a big win for Madrid. This feature allows you to leverage on the comeback abilities of your favorite team (or any other team) should they find themselves down at any point in the game.


In – play betting also makes it possible to make safer bets than normal betting as you can bet along the trend of the game especially when heavy weights are playing or in a match between two dark horses. If two football teams have the same odds of winning a game, it gets pretty difficult to choose a side to put your money on; but when one side takes the lead, or the other gets issued a red card, in – play betting allows you to leverage on those events and still place bets on the outright winner of the game.


There are also other markets to wager on, which are not available in pre – game betting; like which team or player will get the next goal, next corner kick or yellow/red card and so on.


The best reason (on a personal note) to engage in in –play betting is how quick you know your outcome. The suspense of betting is huge and betting in – play can help you to limit how long you have to wait to confirm the status of your bet. Betting on the next player to score just means you have to wait until the next goal to know your fate (unless you bet on no more goals).


In – play betting or any other form of betting still entails a great deal of risk, so bet responsibly.

Each Way Betting Explained For Easier Understanding

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Everyone loves to win extra money when they bet on a particular sport or team of that particular sport, it is one of the best ways to make a little bit of money and go home happy. However, there is a certain type of betting that takes a little bit more accountability than which team is going to emerge victorious and which one won’t; that type of betting is called Each Way Betting. It can be said that it is one of the most common betting practices in the country, the rules involving each way betting is pretty strict with little room for complexity.

 placing a bet in the game

There are two parts of Each Way betting that has brings in quite a bit of money and used by people worldwide, win bet & place bet. Win bet is when a person just picks whichever team or player will finish first, an example of this is when a person estimates that the basketball team will come in first place then they would win $200 or saying that the number 31 horse is going to win because it’s the fastest on the track for an $800 payout. Place betting is when a person bets with the expectation that their team or player not just wins, but also places within the top 5; this type of betting can be viewed as safe betting. The reason is because even if that particular thing that the person is betting on loses, they’ll still win if that thing they betted on places within the top 5. Also, even though the payout for place betting is a little lower than win betting, the odds in their favor isn’t that high which makes for easy wins.


Oddly enough, if a person bets on a horse with only 20 dollars, uses place betting, the person is looking at a monetary gain of $100 to $200. However, if a person uses place betting and only bets on the place the horse or team will place in then they’ll lose part of their investment. For example, if a person bets that their football team places first in the league and win the game; the person is looking at a huge payoff. If the team loses but places in the top 5, the bettor still wins based on the odds of the team but a small percentage of their money is lost.


It is a known fact that gamblers who uses place betting are many times more likely to walk away with huge winnings versus those who just pick a random winner with win betting and hope that it wins so they get paid.


It is not uncommon for a person to walk away with almost $2000 or better from betting, if a person betted and the payout $3000; that person would get $500 for every six dollars that everyone else betted. As a result, the person would be $3000 richer.


In conclusion, each way betting is a simpler and easy way of walking away with a little bit of money or a lot based on the person’s experience as a gambler.